Bending time

Meditation does open our minds to untapped realms that lie very deep in our psyche. They remain dormant for the longest time, and only come out until we achieve the right level of consciousness. Sometimes, it is a good idea to have a pen and paper readily available right after our meditation, as the ideas that flow in our brains can potentially be very liberating and unexpected in a positive way.

Upon a recent meditation, I was blessed with inspiration to write some verses which, put together, come to create a beautiful poem which I have decided to title “Bending Time“:

Our existence always flowing as linear time,
Scripted storyline, travelling an unexpected path
We fear, never daring to turn our heads back
Continuity is queen, never falling out of track
Minutes bending hours, seconds, and all time,
Space and matter created and destroyed in a sigh.

Lives evolving from little steps to rhythmical march,
Souls hovering in darkness, souls finding the light,
Timelessness shaping our minuscule knowledge of life,
Mystical connection to the pristine heavenly ground,
Redemption and utter fulfilment of our divine task.

Forgiveness and forgetfulness fly from the mast,
Space and time vanish through, future meets past,
We are born, execute a mission, and begin to die,
Then a new turn lies straight ahead in our path,
The end is the beginning, the beginning does not end,
We are eternal, reality is the brainchild of our mind.



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