About the Author

Hello, and welcome to The Inner Power! My name is Eddie Tafber, founder of The Inner Power project.

I could start by describing myself with different titles. But I don’t necessarily believe in defining people by professional titles. At the end of the day, every person is a person – with different talents, gifts, attributes, interests and passions. I, too, am a unique person with my unique mix of qualities and attributes. My interests and drives have gotten me to become  a journalist, an Inner Power coach, a motivational speaker, a writer, a communications specialist, and even an amateur photographer and musician. I find it really hard to define myself in only one of the above titles – I love them all, and I keep them alive!

But most importantly, and above any title that I could earn at university or that I could give myself – I am a human being who cares about my fellow human beings, and who is convinced that each of us has the power to be our best, and to make of our world a better world. I believe that every person has within their body, mind and soul the power to overcome obstacles and to become better human beings – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. We are powerful – but we only have to awaken the power within themselves to make miracles happen!

My mission is to share my mission with the world, and to awaken in as many people as possible their inner power – and their ability to perfect their person, their minds and their lives!

To your success and well being in Body, Mind and Soul!

Eddie Tafber


One thought on “About the Author

  1. Oh goodness – I just spammed your message to my blog. Seems like when I tried to find “you” from that message I was led to dead-ends, not to this site.

    Many apologies. From the looks of your site, you’ll be able to roll with it though, and see it as the (sometimes humorous) randomness of the Universe! Glad you found my site – and yes, I’m on Twitter at j.ricci energy, but I rarely use it (auto post from here to it).

    Take good care, and thanks for understanding and sharing the Power of who we are. Peace and Light – j.

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